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The Home Educated Mind (THEM) is a Kingdom-focused consulting and equipping hub for those interested in working more closely with Erin Barry and other experienced home educators who desire to build in their children strong minds and Godly character capable of critical thinking, effective communication and sound moral and ethical reasoning.

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We get it. As the lead chef, nurse, teacher, spiritual mentor, coach, cheerleader, principal, chauffeur... you are the central factor in defining the face and effectiveness of your child's education. But since you spend the majority of your days and nights in the home, it can be challenging to meet or engage deeply with other parents who truly "get" what you're doing.

That can leave even the best of us feeling lonely and isolated. Worse yet, it can mean missing out on life-enriching fellowship, information, wisdom and support from others who are experiencing many of the same questions, challenges and goals. 

THEM is a network of forward-believing home educators who are conquering their educational journey online & off. We give you 24/7 access to the game-changing experience of those who have gone before, insider conversations of those right where you're at, and the tried and true principles that help you become and do your very best. There's nothing like the unity of shared vision and purpose undergirded by practical know-how to keep you confident and strong throughout the distance.

Raising tomorrow's leaders today... whether they impact others from the front of the pack or through supporting the one ahead, your children are becoming leaders. We'd be honored to help you help them become their very best.

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